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  • Awards the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) Japan Student Journal Paper Award for my journal paper on emphasis speech translation.
  • Awards the best student prize for the master course at NAIST.
  • Awards the best project for creative Creative and International Competitiveness Project (CICP) hosted by NAIST.
  • Awards ISCA grant in 2015 for my paper Preserving Word-level Emphasis in Speech-to-speech Translation using Linear Regression HSMMs in Interspeech 2015 conferences.

Academic History


  • 08/2014 - 09/2014 NTT, Japan: Integrating Weighted Finite State Transducer (WFST), Deep Neural Network feature extractor, and Recurrent Neural Network language model for automatic speech recognition.
  • 07/2012 - 09/2012 AHC Laboratory: Evaluating various tools for Speech Recognition, including Sphinx, HTK, Julius, and Kaldi.