Kaldi GStremer Client Library for Android

This is a library that perform speech recognition on Android mobile platform. Basically, it records a audio from the mobile phone, and send it asynchronously to a Kaldi GStreamer server. Checkout the project page for more detail.


A toolkit for Vietnamese segmentation, chunking, part of speech tagging and Morphological analyzer.

HTS Reader

A Python library for reading and modifying HTS binary model, decision tree. It is written in pure Python, no dependencies. It also allows to parse a full context label to the corresponding Gaussian component in the decision tree. Checkout the github page for more detail.

Scripts / Tools

Python IO

This is a library for Python that support for IO operation in a smart and easy ways. Checkout the project page for more detail.

HTS Training Parallelization

This is some small modifications of HTS training process that allows it to run HERest in parallel. Checkout this tutorial for more detail.